The Studios

Recording, mixing, mastering, rehearsal, pre-production, mobile recording…

Set in a big farmhouse in the heart of “les Monts du Lyonnais”, Purple Sheep was built for musicians to play and create in an inspiring cocoon. Every session is unique and needs its own set-up. That‘s why our recording areas are all combinable and adjustable without limits. The day light, the peacefulness and the natural beauty of the surroundings make it a great residential recording studio, a stone’s throw from Lyon.



The Control Room

Welcome to Purple Sheep’s brain! Not far from a full option spaceship, the control room hosts a collection of modern and vintage equipment to get the sound you are dreaming of. From our very clean preamps to our romantic tape echo, we get everything you need to give you a unique character.

The Live Room

The balanced sounding and broadness of the live room never disappoints. 56m², 5 meters ceiling height, it is the main recording space. Its connection with studio B and our two isolated booths and its individual mixers monitoring system offer an outstanding comfort.

The ISO-booths

You need a dryer drum sound? This vocals, guitar amp or double-bass must be isolated? Come in our iso-booths. They are connected with the set and together with mic, instrument and speaker cable to be a fast and effective solution whatever your set-up.
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The Lab

80 m2 dedicated to creation. It is an independent recording area for lower budget projects. It hosts an high-end open-space control room and a big PA system. Studio B is definitely the best deal for your pre-productions, rehearsals, residences and composing times. Completely wired to the control room, it is also a powerful expansion to Studio A.

Mobile studio

You want to record an album in a special acoustic, a live show, an event? Cosily set in Studio B or anywhere you want it to be, our mobile set-up will bring you the precision and mojo you are looking for your recordings. With its Antelope Orion 32 interface, ATI and Audient preamps, Equator D5 monitoring, it does not compromise on quality.
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Purple Sheep studio is a member of Miloco Studios

Purple Sheep Studio

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Le Clos Saint Joseph - 205 chemin de Rossand
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