Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Residential, Pre-Production

Purple Sheep is the dream of three friends sharing a common sense of sound and music.Team work guaranties smooth recording sessions and uncompromising attention to the details. Moreover, we are happy to welcome and assist sound engineers, musicians, producers and directors looking for a professional working space.


Each sound take is performed by a sound engineer and an assistant. Thanks to an exceptional backline and set of microphones, we will record the sounds of your dreams.


The mojo of our analog devices combined to the precision of our digital tools turn the control room into an incredibly flexible lab. Music, music to image, sound to image 2.0, live, theatre… our in-house summing mixer can handle all types of projects whatsoever!


Last step of the record production, we offer a professional and thorough mastering service.

Pre-productions & Residential

Wide and open, the lounge can accommodate a vast diversity of artistic and technical projects. The serenity of the surroundings, as well as the adjoining cottage, control room and set make it the perfect place for residential creations, pre-production, rehearsals, writing and composing.


Mathieu Gaud

From Steve Albini’s headquarters in Chicago to Mikrokosm Studio in Lyon, Mathieu built a varied and in-depth studio experience. Fuelled by his insatiable curiosity, he worked with artists as diverse as Thurston Moore, Bojan Z, Quatuor Béla, etc…

Guillaume Toullec

Guillaume built a solid experience in sound recording while in Paris. He exercised his ear and his efficiency at Davout and Meudon studios. Passionate, he is always up with the last broadcasting standards and the new sound-processing tools.

Charles Mathieu

Working his magic in the studio, mixing live concerts or using his soldering iron, Charles knows is familiar with the different aspects of the sound. Over the 5 years he spent recording in his own studio in Leipzig, he had the chance to work with artists spanning a wide array of musical cultures and to hone his electronic creativity.